Digitalisation of ecological agriculture
Project details

Agribio wants to contribute to a more sustainable world, which is why they only grow organic food that takes care of our health and that of the planet. From this philosophy, a different way of working is born, a long-term vision that includes the digitalisation of the entire production process, with the aim that the field and nature is present throughout the value chain.
Sombradoble was in charge of this digital transformation, developing a management system that included a digital platform and a mobile application. The platform allowed us to manage the state of the farms, the weather, quality indexes and all the production. It also allows to manage orders, sales, and future production needs. Thanks to the mobile application, people on the farms can know the harvesting needs, the state of the farms and transmit the quality indicators within the system and in any part of the territory.
A global system includes the entire work chain, connects, and helps all the people who work in the company and, through the dignified transformation of the production model, helps to be more sustainable, more efficient and obtain higher profits.

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