Smart Biotech Contest

The university's greatest biotech start-up contest
Project details

Smart Biotech Contest is the largest biotech start-up programme in the university. SBiCon is a university competition in which participants develop a start-up based on a bio innovation project. The project is based on two possible, non-exclusive approaches: Biobricks, for synthetic biology-based approaches, or an Arduino + Raspberry Pi kit, for hardware development.
Sombradoble has designed and developed this project from its conception to its implementation. The project was born with the aim of becoming the largest university start-up competition in the biotechnology field. With a pedagogical development focused on multidisciplinary projects, SBiCon is an ideal source for the search for talent and the development of skills of young students.
Educational Platform, Educational Commitment and a Final Event summarise a different and innovative educational innovation programme.

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