Digitalisation of scientific outputs
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The Institute of Biotechnology and Blue Development (IBYDA) was created by researchers from different areas of knowledge. The IBYDA's mission focuses on the development and transfer of knowledge on Biotechnology and Blue Development. The IBYDA aims to make research in Science, Technology and Society (STS) and Blue Development more useful to society to overcome environmental challenges by working in a cooperative and transdisciplinary way.
In Sombradoble we have been in charge of developing a web platform that allows IBYDA members to manage the institute globally. In this way, through a protected system with username and password and a system of roles and functionalities, the people who make up IBYDA manage 3 key facets of the institute: A) Scientific information, the platform allows them to keep updated the published articles, projects, and scientific groups, as well as contact information and links to the main scientific networks. B) Communication; the system developed allows them to create news and update the information of interest to society that can be easily shared, generating an effective tool in the transfer and dissemination of knowledge and C) Technical Reports, the web development manages the institute's information orderly, making the preparation of annual reports easier.
A comprehensive system that allows the management of all the information of a research centre in a secure, orderly, and useful way, facilitating the work, reducing the production of errors and loss of information and increasing the security of communication and dissemination of scientific results.

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