Digital management of scientific resources
Project details

The Animal Experimentation Centre (CECA) of the University of Malaga has the function of supporting the teaching and research staff of the University of Malaga to carry out experiments for teaching and scientific purposes. All work is carried out under the protection of current regulations and ethical practices respectful of the experimental animals.
Sombradoble has been in charge of developing a web platform to manage the web information and spaces of the centre. This system allows the reservation of the workspaces of the centre, the tools, and the follow-up of the work protocols in form and time. This comprehensive software ensures the quality of the work, the optimisation of resources and reduces the error rate in this management. In addition, the platform has a system of roles that allows the management of access to web information and functionalities, allowing secure control of information, data management and reinforcing security. A global space and information management system, easy to use, guarantees the ideal use of available resources.

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