Digital management of scientific resources
Project details

The Institute for Mediterranean and subtropical horticulture “La Mayora” (IHSM) was created to unite the efforts of the groups of the pre-existing Experimental Station “La Mayora” of the Spanish National Research Council (EELM-CSIC) and groups from various departments of the University of Malaga (UMA) to enhance and coordinate more efficiently the scientific research in intensive horticulture and subtropical fruit growing.
Sombradoble has been in charge of developing a web system that manages all the scientific information of the IHSM. Through the web platform, the members of the institute can manage scientific publications, projects, scientific lines and groups, news, media library, profiles and personal pages. In addition, workspaces and services are managed. Thanks to a powerful management tool, any member of the IHSM can quickly and easily reserve a greenhouse, shade house, culture chamber, vehicle, room or instrument of the institute. The system also allows the economic management of these bookings. All the information is organised in a secure and orderly manner and forms the basis for the annual scientific reports.
A 360º tool helps research centres to manage spaces, information and scientific communication efficiently and securely.

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